Saturday, February 2, 2013

'Be an advocate of joy'

I feel like my life is resetting and I'm getting a chance to start over.

When something goes wrong, I no longer think everyone is out to get me. I see the tribulation as a challenge that I can and will overcome. A challenge that I'll learn something vital from. 

Like the silly instance when I messed up my dishwasher by using the wrong liquid soup. I had been at work all day, had to go to the doctor, then drive around a city where I knew where nothing was to find cleaning supplies. At the moment it would have been so easy to get mad and break down or frustrated. But I just kept laughing. Calling friends and telling them I was having a "Hollywood moment" with my dishwasher that was foaming soap out of the bottom. I kept looking at it as a learning experience, "You won't be doing that again, Ashlyn." or "Now you know the CVS across town doesn't carry towels or common household items." 

My point is, since I've been able to hit the reset button. Even when things are going dramatically wrong like they have many times this first week of living in my apartment, I have and will continue to stay positive. 

'Swallow It' by Brandon Flowers, one of my favorite songs ever, says it best:

"Take your medicine and crawl before you walk. Think it through before you open your mouth to talk. Be an advocate of joy! Find your little heart's desire and follow it. . . . . Don't be afraid, this is your year. It's gonna be alright, you're a performer! Just take your time, but not too much time."

For Ashlyn, this start over this means being more positive. Looking on the brighter side of life. And yes, finding my little heart's desire and following it.  

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